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YES - mountain biking is possibly dangerous. Just the same as in your home country, a fall can result in an injury. You can break an arm, leg, your back or you could die. Out on the street, you can be run over by a truck or get into any other accident. That is part of the nature of cycling.
Accidents, injuries, damage to others are participants own responsibility.


Using our bikes, we expect minor scratches, wear of tyres, brake pads and pinch flats. These are normal wear.
Damages caused by unappropriate use or a fall, we do expect you to pay the amount necessary to replace and install the broken parts.

It all comes down to one very basic rule: You break it, you pay it.
It is the same as it would be with your bike back home. And over here in Peru it works just the same - that easy!

Sometimes clients feel that they should only pay a part of the value because "it was already used". And yes, it is true, that helmet was already used before your fall made a crack in it. But we need to pay for a new one if we are to replace it.
If you crash the windshield of the rental car back home, do they charge you a used windshield or a new windshield?

We do NOT charge:
  • minor scratches, wear of tyres, brake pads and pinch flats. These are normal wear.
  • time of staff and taxis taking parts/bikes to the bike shop.
  • days that bikes may not be used on tours/rental while in repair.
  • complete bikes. e.g. if the whole bike is stolen we charge the full list price of the moment minus 20% for every year use the bike has had so far.

    Mountainbiking Tours in Lima

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