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Huayhuash Trek 9-10-11 days - group departure

Being one of the prettiest treks in the world, a must-do for every outdoor-lover.
Complete 17 days holiday with acclimatization in the Cordillera Blanca.
Complete 18 days holiday with acclimatization in Cusco & the Cordillera Blanca.

Maximum 8 minimum 2 participants.
All included but sleeping bag (can be hired).
All private transport (never public transport), guide/cook/donkey driver, inflatable thermarest mat + foam mat included, all entrance fees included, 12 kg per person personal items on the donkeys, your date of departure IS the date of your departure (no "unexpected" waiting for days in Huaraz for more people to join) ...

Information about this trek in private service

Altitude Chart

Huayhuash Trek altitude chart
Huayhuash Trek altitude chart

Day-per-day itinerary

Tent       Breakfast       Lunch       Dinner

Day 1
  • Pick up from hotel in Huaraz & Transport to Quartelhuain.
  • Hike to Mirador Asiac.

  • Day 2
  • Quartelhuain – Cacanan Punta-Pass (4.700 m) - Mitucocha .

  • Day 3
  • Mitucocha - Punta Carhuac pass (4,650 m) - Carhuacocha.

  • Day 4
  • Carhuacocha - Siula Pass (4,830 m) - Huayhuash (Huayhuash village).

  • Day 5
  • Huayhuash - Portachuelo Pass (4,795 m) - Lake Viconga
  • Visit the hot springs (entrance not included, approx. 10 Soles per person)

  • Day 6
  • Viconga - Punta Cuyoc (5,000 m, the highest point of the trek) - Huanacpatay.

  • Day 7
  • Huanacpatay - San Antonio Pass - Huayllapa - Huatia.

  • Day 8
  • Huatia – Punta Tapush (4.750 m) – Susucocha - Cashpapampa.

  • Day 9
  • Cashpapampa – Jahuacocha (optional: ascent of Diablo Mudo, 5,350 m, see FAQ).

  • Day 10
  • Jahuacocha - Llamac.
  • Transport back to the hotel in Huaraz

  • - 9 days: Day 1 you don't go to the lookout Asiac, instead start the trek to Mitucocha on the 1st day.
    - 11 days: same itinerary allowing a rest day with/without side treks during the trek.

    • Private transport from/to your ho(s)tel.
    • Official guide (moderate English, not fluent)
    • Cook (>3 participants, otherwise guide cooks)
    • Donkeys & Donkey drivers. 12 kg per client personal luggage on the donkeys.
    • Good and varied food (vegetarian option, see FAQ below for more info)
    • All camping equipment, dining tent with tables & chairs and cooking/eating utensils.
    • HIgh mountain sleeping tents (3 person tents for every 2 clients).
    • Thermarest self-inflatable mattress + foam mattress.
    • Emergency horse (>3 participants).
    • All entrance fees.
    • First aid kit & oxygen bottle.
    Not Included:
    • Additional beverages or meals in villages
    • Breakfast on the 1st and dinner on the last day
    • Return or abortion otherwise as planned itinerary: transport & possible accommodation costs (also for staff)
    • Personal mountain equipment such as trekking shoes, rain/wind jacket/pants, hat, gloves, sunglasses etc.
    • Sleeping bag (more info)

    FAQ group departures:

    What days can start the group departures
    Departures can be on the day of your choice.

    Can we book on-site?
    The quality of the tours sold in Huaraz (99%) are not at the level of our minimum requierements (general quality, proper payment of staff, sudden extra costs, unwanted surprises, ...). In order to organize a trek properly, get one of the better guides etc. it is very much recommendable to book well in advance. Needless to say that left-over guides, cooks,… are not usually the best. For these reasons, to start a new group departure, you have to book at least 4 weeks in advance in order to give us a chance to look for more participants over the internet.

    Hotels, Bus before/after trek?
    We can also organize transfers, hotels in Huaraz or other cities, packages in the rest of the country etc. If you would prefer more services, from the airport in Lima for example or a complete Peru travel package, please let us know.

    How many days acclimatization do we need before starting the trek?
    We recommend at least 2 full days (3 nights) on altitude before starting the trek. If you have been on altitude in the South of the country before (Colca Canyon, Puno, Cusco – all on altitude) or in Huaraz you shouldn´t consider this anymore and might as well go to the trek immediately after arrival to Huaraz.

    Can you accommodate food sensitivities?
    Our cooks are used to dealing with vegetarians and will do all they can to deal with gluten issues. However, other clients and staff may have a conventional diet. Meals are prepared in the same tent and scents of meals can not be avoided. if you do not want to eat your meal in the same tent with clients having a conventional diet, please inquire about a private tour.

    What is the price of the optional climb of Diablo Mudo (5.350 m)?
    USD 120 per person, minimum 2 participants. Clients who want to include Diablo Mudo should tell us at least the day before departure to Huayhuash and pay the appropriate amount. We need to take the climbing equipment on the whole trek. After acclimatization most clients have a clear idea of how strong they are at altitude. If for some reason you do not climb Diablo Mudo, there will be no refund.
    How hard is is? Searching information on the internet, you might imagine everything between an easy walk to a complicated and exhausting climb. Probably this is because if you ask the “climber” – the ascent is a walk, but if you ask the “walker” – the ascent is a climb! We would say the route is mostly walking and scrambling in exposed terrain and there are places where you will have to use your hands. You are always roped up.
    Wenn some clients go to Diablo Mudo (climbers) and others not (hikers), the hikers follow the normal route together with the cook/donkey driver while the climbers go to Diablo Mudo. Everybody meets at the following camp site (Jahuacocha).
    Previous experience being roped on, walking with crampons and abseiling are an advantage but for adventurous clients not necessesarily required.


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